Gudrun Liemberger
All rigths reserved by Gudrun Liemberger
lyrics and music by GuGabriel.
Colours of the rain endless drops keep on burning a phrase into my soul remembrance cause I’m dreaming of a new world a new world made of wonders made of nature made of love and within this all we are shining all above with love We are beautiful embracing - embracing our world We´re beautiful embracing - embracing our world All we gotta do is to love with our hearts to see with our souls to know we are connected to each other and if we do this everyday every second of the day we will be aware we´re all sisters and brothers
produced by SiverFridge music / GuGabriel vocals & backing vocals: GuGabriel programmings and keys: SilverFridge music
Meaning of our life who knows its what you make it a picture of your world oportunities and I am tuning into the light into power into frequencies of freedom and of love a firework of life we are shining all within with love