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Gudrun Liemberger
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About me
Gudrun was born  in Austria. She grew up in Weitra, a small town in the countryside. At home she made music since she was a little girl,  together with her two sisters and took lessons  in singing, guitar, violin, piano and flute. After some years working in her mothers company,  as well as spending time in England and United States, she went to Vienna  at the age of 22 and aquired a Musical Diploma with  distinction at the Academy of Music and performing Arts.   An  international Theatre workshop in Germany (Berlin/Wannseeforum),  and  Film- and Theatre acting studies in Vienna followed.  Appearance in some Festival Films.  Gudruns compositional -  and band activities were her permanent companion.  With her band „SheSays“ the musical path was sealed by the entry into music business.  Bands (selection) : Galahad  (1999) The Shepherds:  (2001) SheSays:   (2004) CD Releases:   SheSays   „SheSays“  (2006)  Album Nr. 1 in the Austrian Charts                                                    SheSays    „Want it“  (2007)                                               SheSays    „Acoustic Live“  (2008) Single „Rosegardens“  Nr. 2  in the Austrian Charts Amadeus Award (2006) Supporting act for:  Alice Cooper, Seal, Toto, Deep Purple, Laith Al-Deen, Xavier Naidoo  Support Tour with  SheSays  for Bryan Adams in Austria, Germany and Benelux   Support Tour with  SheSays  for Uriah Heep  in Germany and Switzerland Projects with the band „Dubblestandart::                    Album „Are You Experienced“  2006 -   Tracks: „Senses Of A Woman“ and „Summer Rain“                 Album „Return From Planet Dub“  („Dubblestandart & Lee „Scratch“ Perry“ ) 2009                                                                         Tracks: „Chase The Devil“ and „I Do Voodoo“                  Album „King Size Dub“  2015 - Tracks: „Marijuana Dreams“ and „Spirits Dub“     2010 she started her new  solo project  „GuGabriel“  (composed of her names  Gudrun and Gabriele.)  Releases:        Album  „Anima(l)“   (2011)                           Single   „Reason“ (2011)                           Single   „Poor little Joé“  (2011)                           Single   „Salvation”  (2012)   successfull in the Austrian Charts, South Tyrol Nr 1                           Single   „Adam&Eve” (2012)                           Single   „Breaking Through” (2014)                           Single   „What About Us” (2016)                           Single   „A Little Bit Of Love” (2016)                           Single   „Salvation Summer18´Mix“  (2018)                           Album  Mind“  (2018)                           Album „Frohe Weihnachten“ (2019)                           Single  „Du und Ich“ (2020)                           Single  „Salvation 2K21 GuGabriel X Adam Bü & Moodygee“ (2021)                           Single  „Was wenn du dich irrst“  (2022) 2018/19  Music production for the documentary „Die Seele der Salzach“.  Amadeus Award Nomination as best artist in the category rock-pop  (2013) EBBA Award (European Border Breakers Award) 2014 First place at the „ÖKB Songwriter Award“  2017 Winnersong/composition at the „ÖKB and VOET Competition“ 2018 Concerts in Austria, Germany and Netherlands Support Act for Lionel Richie Brandambassador Opel Austria (2012 - 2014)   Actress (selection):   „Zum Kotzen“  (2003) , „Potio“   (2007) , „Joe“  (poor little matchgirl -  2008), „Soko Donau“  (2009)    . . . and more than  15 arthouse short movies